Wednesday, February 9, 2011

a few thrifting finds with some new purposes.....

 With all the snowy weather I had a brief break from all the snow and was able to make it out to do some thrifting. While I was out and about I spied this little handmade vintage darling! I love all the sweet details and love that were put into it.

 I really love these vintage quilted organizers....perfect for storage and organization.

 I was a ballerina for around 16 years of my life....and still love sweet pictures of ballerina's. These vintage pictures are quite lovely....perfect for a lil' girls room.

 I always pick up boxes of vintage flashcards while thrifting....they are perfect for so many projects.

These rolls of vintage washable shelf paper were my fave these! I was originally going to sell them...but they are the perfect weight for wrapping I will be using these rolls to wrap pretty la love! Check out several of these treasures and more that are in my shop for sale.


  1. Got my sweet coin purse today, thank you so much! Love the ballerina pictures too :-)

  2. My bed room was ballerinas, loved the look~
    Wow, 16 yrs...I bet you still have the grace!
    Thanks for sharing these fab finds!


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