Wednesday, February 2, 2011

what to do when your snowed in.......

 Well....being snowed in this week has given my sewing machine a work out. I have been sewing up a storm creating some little coin purses for those little keepsakes.

Some ruffled pouches for makeup and traveling....these are my fave!
 I love using these as gifts for my sweet pea's friends....just add a few fab nail polish colors, some lip gloss and few hair accessories and you have a really girly gift.

And since it has been awhile since my last giveaway I thought it was about time for another. This little coin pouch will be someone's newest treasure. Just leave a comment on what you like to do during the winter months and I will randomly pick a winner from the comments. Winner to be picked by Friday afternoon...hopefully school will be back in session by then. In the meantime....snuggle up, spend a little quality time with the kiddos and enjoy!


  1. Light a fire and try to stay warm :-)

  2. Stay cozy with my little family and drink lots of yummy hot chocolate.

  3. These are all really cute, Ellen! I need to really learn how to sew...properly, that is! :)


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