Tuesday, April 19, 2011

seeing the potential.....

How many times do we pass by something thinking that it requires too much effort or overlook something that looks a bit worse for wear because we cannot see it's full potential? I try very hard to utilize every last little scrap...try to see the beauty where it sometimes cannot be found. While thrifting last week I came across this vintage crocheted block that was coming unwound around the edges and in need of a good washing. While thrifting I contemplated what I could do with this lost little treasure. When I came home I laundered it and gave it a good looking over. Then alas.....it hit me....a sweet little inset pillow. I love combining the unusual tid bits to my creations...giving them a unique, fresh feel. I really love the vintage polka dotted polyester fabric paired with the bright orange vintage terry cloth on the backside....it really gives it that look I was desiring. Here's the challenge.....try to always see the beauty....you never know how beautiful it really can be.

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