Monday, July 25, 2011

the love of a dog.....

I usually don't share too much personal stuff here on my blog....but these last few days have been a bit more emotional than normal. My little side kick has not been feeling up to par these past few we took her into the vet to see what was the matter. She is an old girl....can't see, can barely hear and has trouble getting around as quickly as she once was able to....but hey...she's almost 12 years be expected. When she was having more trouble than normal we were given the very sad news by our veterinarian that she has cancer....and only a few months left to be with us. We have brought her home to live the rest of her life with the love of her family, an endless supply of daily treats and lots of laying around in the sunshine. My heart is heavy....and the one thing I keep thinking is these words from a song that has hit close to home.....

lights will guide you home.....and ignite your bones...and I will try to fix you.

Hold your pets close to your heart....


  1. Ellen,

    I am sorry to hear about your sweet little pup. Our pets because such integral member's of our family and it can be so hard to watch them age and get sick. I know you are your family will treasure these last few months with her. You will all be in my thoughts.


  2. Dear Ellen,
    I saw your link on Kineo's blog. She is one of my Art Sisters.
    How terribly sad and difficult. We have our dear 8 year old pug, Uma and we adore her. I am so sorry about the cancer.
    Pugs are such very special souls, they dig deep into our hearts, make us laugh and even sleep sounder just to ignore the snoring. Again, very sorry to hear your news. Enjoy each day and hug your loved ones. My thoughts are with you. Xo Julie b.

  3. Ellen, I am sad to hear this; our pets are so much of our lives. They are our extended family~
    My dog acts like his clan; it is fun how their personalities shine. Take lots of photos, give hugs and remember all the wonderful moments she has added to your world~ xXx

  4. Hi Ellen! I mentioned you in my post today, just wanted to share your amazing talent of the light fixture you created! :)

  5. So sorry about your darling dog...I know how attached I am to my pets! I love all your finds from Iowa! hugs! karen...

  6. Love, love, love to your sweet sidekick and to you and your family. My heart is sad for you. We've all been there. Thinking of you and your precious canine cutie.


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