Wednesday, September 21, 2011

making memories.....

I have been wanting to create a memory board for my daughter for some time now....finding the right frame was the first thing on my list. Thrift stores are a perfect place to find inexpensive picture frames. 

Once you find just the right frame you will need to take it apart to prepare your frame for some lively paint. I sanded the frame to prepare the frame and gave it a lovely, fresh coat of white spray paint.

You can use chicken wire or a lightweight gauge fencing wire....I used some wire that my parents had laying around the farm.  Cut your wire to fit the inside groove of your frame and staple in place on the backside.  Add some cute clips or clothespins....and viola' have an instant memory board for your office, bedroom or kitchen. I was lucky enough to find a package of vintage white plastic clothespins for a really cute look. Now it's just time to fill it up with inspiring items.

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  1. I love memory boards or mind maps. Where things that attract our attention can be in one place!
    Thanks Ellen :D for sharing~


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