Tuesday, March 1, 2011

vintage flair.......

 I really adore vintage books....especially ones with lovely graphics....and birds....could it get any better?!

 I have a fondness for vintage plastic pieces that can be remodeled and transformed. Yet...this bowl looks lovely as it is...but wouldn't it be divine with a fresh coat of yummy yellow paint?

 This vintage plastic organization station is one of my fave finds.....love the sweet mushrooms! I was tempted to keep this since it is extra lovely....but alas I have posted it in my shop for someone else to love and cherish.

 These vintage plastic bumble bees are a first find for me....I have never spied these before  and absolutely love them. They were originally a pale off white....now a lovely pale lemon yellow.

 Vintage trims...oh how I love vintage trims!

A pillow fit for a princess....extra luxurious and super duper fancy schmancy....pretty, pretty.

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  1. You find such fun Vintage items, you must have a few favorite Thrift Shops in your neck of the woods? Hugs, Diane


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