Friday, April 1, 2011

thrifting Thursday.......

 Thrifting Thursday.....the perfect day for me. I hadn't been out thrifting in a bit and was in need of a little perusing throughout my local treasure shops. I love it when I find a big bag just filled to the brim with all sorts of bits and baubles....a fun adventure.

 I spotted this pillow and admit I had every intent to sell it....thinking that it was ultra fab and someone else would really love it too. Alas I am hooked on it's complete fabness that I cannot part with it. My newest philosophy is.....if I have never ever seen anything quite like it....then I just can't part ways with it....who knows when I might find a handmade treasure like this again.

 Tea anyone? Love these sweet pastel shades....I love the mix and match feel. Wouldn't these be divine with some vintage hankies used as napkins?

 A really fun vintage minty green tupperware container....used originally for celery (my mom still uses hers for that very purpose). This one didn't have a lid....but is so great for storing all sorts of lovelies. And who could pass up more vintage flashcards? 

 This lovely snipet of quilted goodness is actually a handmade vintage dotted swiss la lovely! It is HUGE and is perfect for creating a little wee one's blanket or perhaps a bib.

 This vintage tablecloth has a few small holes....nothing that can't work as fabric for a lovely tote bag. I am already dreaming of the lovely bag that I shall behold once I am finished.

 I am quickly really falling in love with vintage towels....terry cloth of any kind really. I love the summery feel and freshness they offer. They are a superb way to brighten a dreary bathroom....or create into a fun throw pillow for a porch for summertime enjoyment.

Some of the yummiest fabric the funky flower power look. The aqua color is sublime....yummy! Enjoy....and have an ultra sweet weekend!

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  1. i always love your vintage finds! i wish my thrift stores had more treasures like that! i guess i don't look often or hard enough! i did go to an estate sale the other day. i probably paid more than i should have for some paper and sewing goodies. oh well! ;)


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