Wednesday, June 29, 2011

popcorn tin upcycled.....

 Tutorial reveal.....upcycled popcorn tin! I am in the midst of remodeling my sweet pea's room....oodles to do over the summer months. What better time to offer a few tutorials as I go along. I envisioned a cute metal trash can for my sweet girl's I am trying to reuse and upcycle as many items as possible I didn't want to go out and purchase a new metal trash alas an idea was born. I knew my mother had a few of these popcorn tins in her storage I thought about recovering one in some fanciful fabric. The tin was originally a snowman I spray painted it with a white primer to not allow any of the old theme to show through my fabric cover. Next I picked a pretty floral pattern I knew she would love. I cut the fabric to fit the tin...which was 9 inches tall and 28 inches around. I cut the fabric a little wider and longer to allow for a pressed seam so that I would not have any fraying edges to show.

I originally was going to use double sided tape...alas I didn't have any. I decided on my tried and true Modge Podge glue....which I am happy to say worked like a charm. I just dipped my fingers in and started slathering away with glue little by little as I tightly layed the measured fabric along the tin until I reach the end. Make sure to wrap your fabric tightly as to get any air bubbles out and the fabric should lay nice and smooth. We recently laid hardwood flooring in her next I was concerned with the trash can scratching her floors.

 I placed 4 felt feet along the bottom of the tin for added peace of mind. Now she has a stylin' new trash can that will add a new look to her room.

 While I was at it....I decided on recovering her mouse pad to match the new trash can. I recovered it a few months ago with this fabric....still lovely...but hey....let's match things up.

 While my fabric was still out I layed it right side down and layed the mouse pad on it facing down. Trace around your mouse pad with a pen and cut your fabric out along your traced markings.

Now again....slather your glue all over the right side of the mouse pad and lay your fabric on top...right side facing up. Smooth out any air bubbles and lay a few heavy books on top until dry. After it is dry you will need to trim any excess fabric and apply clear nail polish or fray check around all your edges so that the fabric won't fray. Viola'.....a new mouse pad and trash can!

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