Tuesday, July 12, 2011

a window with a view......

I knew there was something missing for awhile now in our kitchen....now all is well and the room takes on a whole new look and a new love for me. I am not a big fan of window treatments in the kitchen...as I love all the natural light that flows through. The window we have in our 110 year old kitchen is small but needed something to "finish the window off". I decided to purchase an inexpensive vinyl roller blind and get cracking at remodeling the blind into something that would fit with my taste. To remodel a roller blind you will need....

an inexpensive vinyl roller blind
fabric enough to roll up and onto your shade
sewing machine or needle and thread
fabric starch (optional) and an iron

I first measured my window to determine what size the roller blind must be adjusted to fit. The roller blind I purchased would fit various sizes of windows...so I sized the roller and the plastic rod first...as per the instructions on the roller blind. Then measured my fabric to determine how much I would need for the window width and height. After I measured my fabric I serged the  outside edges of the fabric....to prevent them from fraying (this part is optional....in fact I wish I had not done it...since I will not be disassembling my shade for washing). 

Now you will need to press a hem allowance on both sides of your outside edges of your fabric...and sew them in place with a straight stitch or by hand.

 No need to make a hem or serge the top of the fabric as it will be rolled up into the blind. You will need to make a casing in the bottom of the fabric for the plastic rod to run through. I made my casing larger than what the rod size was....but it isn't necessary. Just allow for enough space for the rod to go through. Now press your fabric really well and this is an optional step....but I sprayed my fabric with heavy duty fabric starch for extra crispness.

Here is a better view of the hem allowance.

Now you will need to remove your vinyl shade material completely and there should still be sticky residue left over to adhere your fabric to the metal roller. If not you could use double sided tape. You will need to lay the fabric right side facing up. Roll the fabric onto the shade....make sure to roll evenly.

Now add your hardware....as per the roller blind instructions and add your newly updated roller blind. I don't plan on actually using mine...it is just a nice touch of color and makes the window look much more "polished" now.  It can be used though....simply pull on the bottom and viola' you have instant privacy or shade from the sun. Stay tuned for another fun tutorial coming in the next few days.

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  1. so lovely!! i love this idea. my windows could use a cute upgrade! :)


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