Wednesday, April 27, 2011

dearest Mother......

 Mother's Day is right around the corner....creating lovely bits for mom always makes me smile.

 I have several Mother's in my own mother, my mother-in-law, sisters and dear these mini cards are always perfect to tuck into sweet gifts for all the special mother's in your life.

Mother dearest......

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

seeing the potential.....

How many times do we pass by something thinking that it requires too much effort or overlook something that looks a bit worse for wear because we cannot see it's full potential? I try very hard to utilize every last little scrap...try to see the beauty where it sometimes cannot be found. While thrifting last week I came across this vintage crocheted block that was coming unwound around the edges and in need of a good washing. While thrifting I contemplated what I could do with this lost little treasure. When I came home I laundered it and gave it a good looking over. Then hit me....a sweet little inset pillow. I love combining the unusual tid bits to my them a unique, fresh feel. I really love the vintage polka dotted polyester fabric paired with the bright orange vintage terry cloth on the really gives it that look I was desiring. Here's the challenge.....try to always see the never know how beautiful it really can be.

Friday, April 15, 2011

pretty hues....

 I la la love vintage hankies....finding a bag full at a local thrift store was a true delight.

 What lovelies.....perfect for a project of to simply adorn a shelf....such cutie pies.

 A vintage sheet with it's label still perfect condition....nice and crisp. 

 Thrift find berry these! I think they would be perfect for Easter.

 My absolute favorite find....these are incredible! I am going to use a few for a throw la love these!

More beautiful vintage hankies....flocked and wonderful! Lovely for a little girl to carry tucked in her purse for Easter Sunday.

Friday, April 8, 2011

sweet dreams......

I was thrilled to spot a vintage white sheet recently at my local thrift store with such sweet hand embroidery work at the top....knowing that I would use the wording for another project I had in mind. This is what I created....along with another pillow....just perfect for a sweet bedroom.

Friday, April 1, 2011

thrifting Thursday.......

 Thrifting Thursday.....the perfect day for me. I hadn't been out thrifting in a bit and was in need of a little perusing throughout my local treasure shops. I love it when I find a big bag just filled to the brim with all sorts of bits and baubles....a fun adventure.

 I spotted this pillow and admit I had every intent to sell it....thinking that it was ultra fab and someone else would really love it too. Alas I am hooked on it's complete fabness that I cannot part with it. My newest philosophy is.....if I have never ever seen anything quite like it....then I just can't part ways with it....who knows when I might find a handmade treasure like this again.

 Tea anyone? Love these sweet pastel shades....I love the mix and match feel. Wouldn't these be divine with some vintage hankies used as napkins?

 A really fun vintage minty green tupperware container....used originally for celery (my mom still uses hers for that very purpose). This one didn't have a lid....but is so great for storing all sorts of lovelies. And who could pass up more vintage flashcards? 

 This lovely snipet of quilted goodness is actually a handmade vintage dotted swiss la lovely! It is HUGE and is perfect for creating a little wee one's blanket or perhaps a bib.

 This vintage tablecloth has a few small holes....nothing that can't work as fabric for a lovely tote bag. I am already dreaming of the lovely bag that I shall behold once I am finished.

 I am quickly really falling in love with vintage towels....terry cloth of any kind really. I love the summery feel and freshness they offer. They are a superb way to brighten a dreary bathroom....or create into a fun throw pillow for a porch for summertime enjoyment.

Some of the yummiest fabric the funky flower power look. The aqua color is sublime....yummy! Enjoy....and have an ultra sweet weekend!
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