Monday, October 31, 2011

happy Halloween.......

Happy Halloween....hope you stay safe, have fun and enjoy!

Thursday, October 6, 2011

fabric coverings.......

I love storage bins and baskets...they just seem to contain all of my bits and baubles perfectly. I recently recovered several of these bins that once belonged in my sweet pea's they have a fresh new look with a little bit of vintage fabric and some additions to each of them. These are so easy to cover and are sure to become a huge hit in your home....perfect for organizing tid bits and snacks in your pantry, toys in a child's room or nursery, containing bits and baubles in a work space or to house socks or  mittens and scarves this winter.

You will need to start with a few items.....

a collapsible bin
hot glue gun
sewing machine (or you can sew by hand)

I recently found a few collapsible bins in various sizes at my local dollar shop. I rustled through my vintage fabric stash and found a few fabrics that I really liked and would sufficiently cover the bins. Now measure your bin and cut out pieces that measure properly for your 4 sides and bottom of your bin. Now cut another set (one set for the outside and one for the inside of the basket). Stitch all 4 sides to the bottom place your bin in the fabric liner.

Your bin is starting to come Now stitch the other 4 sides together to the other bottom portion. Once all of your fabric pieces have been stitched together you can place the inner lining inside your bin. Now heat your hot glue gun and get ready for some fun. Once your glue gun is ready you can start running a small bead of glue around the outer portion of the top of the bin...roll your fabric under just a bit and glue in place. You will continue this step all the way around the outer portion of the basket....this will give you a nice clean look all around your basket. 

Now you could add a vintage brooch or clip a vintage flashcard to the outside....adding a bit of fluff. I think these would be darling as a cute container to fill with baby goodies for a baby shower. Now fill it up.....enjoy!

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