Thursday, February 23, 2012

for the love of vintage sheets......

I cannot tell a lie....I la la love vintage sheets! These are a few of my favorite ones that I have recently posted in my shop.

They are perfect for all sorts of projects....napkins, pillow covers, banners, fabric covered bins, name it!

This one is my absolute favorite...I love the pink clusters of flowers with the pale aqua blooms peeking a bit.

As you can see the style I like ranges from big, bold and soft and sweet. Love me some vintage sheets!

This is another favorite of mine....I love the watercolor effect....sublime. I am planning on making a few lovely tid bits to add to the shop for a posting in the near future......I'm itching for some stitching.


  1. we had the sheet at the top. seems like so long ago now. love these

  2. Gorgeous Ellen! I love the uplifting colors~

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  4. Super cutee vibrant and, adorable sheets!


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